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drill chuck

drill chuck
Product name : drill chuck
Item :
Price :
Details :
Good reliability
Hight accuracy
Widely used along with various drill machines, milling machines, lathes, boring lathes and electric hand tools.

The kind we have: 
Taper /  thread Drill chuck

The size we have:
0.6-6mm B10 (Taper link)
1.5-10mm B12 (Taper link)
1.5-13mm B16 (Taper link)
 3.0-16mm B16 (Taper link)

0.6-6mm 3/8-24UNF (threa link)
1.5-10mm 3/8-24UNF (threa link)
1.5-10mm 1/2-20UNF (threa link)
1.5-10 M12*1.25 (threa link)
1.5-13mm 1/2*20UNF (threa link)
1.5-13mm 3/8-24UNF (threa link)
1.5-13mm M12*1.25 (threa link)
3.0-16mm 1/2*20UNF (threa link)

Drill Chuck Arbors

The Drill Chuck Abors model as below:
Morse 1-5, B10-B22