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DS-712T Band Saw Machine

DS-712T   Band Saw Machine
Product name : DS-712T Band Saw Machine
Item :
Price :
Details :
 The sawing machine for processing, tool factory, mold factory saw carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum materials and other non-metallic materials, and can be cutting at any angle. Simple, cost-effective, power loss, saw kerf small saving material, high economic efficiency. 

Main technical parameters:
Maximum cutting diameter: 200mm*240 mm

Max. Capacity      Circular @ 90°195mm

Rectangular @ 90°  195 x 240mm

Circular @ 45°  150mm

Rectangular @ 45°195x 150mm

Main motor power: 1.3kw
Saw Size: 1500 * W 500 * H 1000mm
Blade speed: 22-33-45-65

Blade size: 27 * 0.9 * 2395mm
Weight: 230kg