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Service and customer service and repair

Service in DSmachine tool , is not a simple repair, it is product sale last link, it is the first link of product R & D, it is perforative at product development, design, manufacture and sale, customer service throughout the business activities of the entire process;

Service is the discovery of user needs and to meet the rapid process;

The service is to be moved to create a user, realize rise in value.


Establishment and DS machine tool enterprise culture to adapt to service culture and philosophy system,boosting" DS machine tool" brand building and communication;

Through the integration of internal resources, the rapid formation of a strong technical support, has the sense of responsibility, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of high-quality service team, for the DS machine of differentiated service model lays good foundation.

Train of thought:

The use of all available resources, create and promote a harmonious home service ability;

Resources in place, information flow, run orderly, program controlled, ensure the effect.